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Samara - The kid with too many words and not enough time to say them all


Words have always been my fascination.


According to my parents, I was talking in full sentences by the time I was one, and nothing has gotten me to shut up since. Words have bubbled away in my head, creating worlds that I loved to immerse myself in, that I longed to explore. I would tell anyone who would listen about my worlds and stories, generally confusing them as I got overexcited by everything. It was only a matter of time before I started writing them down. Aged six, I wrote down my first ever story. It was childish, filled with magic and fairies and unicorns and was written in pink sparkly gel pen in a flip top notebook, but it was mine and my school library put it out on a shelf for everyone to read.

From there, I tried journalism and poetry and eventually found my niche in writing fan fiction. It gave me the freedom to create worlds of my own while keeping the characters I loved with me. Like going on an adventure with a friend. Eventually, with practice and a bit of help from Ari, I got brave enough to try out some original stories with characters I had to make and then grow to love on my own.

Suddenly, it was like I was six years old again, sitting in my room with that pink sparkly gel pen and making up a world for me to explore. And that feeling is exactly why I keep writing: the freedom of creation and, most importantly, the fun.


Arianna - The Writer With a Dream, as Cliché as That May Be

Writing has always been a passion of mine. In the first grade, I even created books during our class free time and my teacher laminated them before putting them into the class's personal library. I was excited until running into some teachers that diminished my love of writing in mid- to late-elementary school, and I never wrote for fun again until high school when I found out about, yes, fanfiction. 


I wrote stories without having to worry about creating my own worlds to begin with. Yes, I had original characters and story ideas, but I never fleshed them out too much. I could start the first few chapters on my own, but never once had I finished a story like I had in the first grade. That was, at least, until I met Mara through fanfiction and we started writing fanfiction together.


Now, while I still write in my free time while juggling other things in my life, I am able to write and express myself freely. I enjoy creating worlds I can imagine and bring to life for others to enjoy and possibly see themselves in. I hope that you, whoever is reading this, can find yourself in one of the stories we write and can enjoy our stories. That is my dream and goal of writing these stories besides being able to just freely express myself through written word, as it's always been the easiest form of self-expression for me.

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