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Samara Villion & Arianna Stravato

MariWritingCo's up-and-coming independent authors, Mara and Ari, are extremely proud and excited for their first book series: Alazine and Mannie vs. Vrinestia. The pair have put a lot of love, sweat, and joy into the series, years in the making. The trilogy was completed as the new year rolled in, so be sure to read all the books (and binge read them if you so desire).
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Our Latest Project (and the final installment in the AaMvV trilogy): 
Alazine and Mannie vs. Vrinestia: The Network

Mara and Ari’s Latest Merchandise

We strive for community engagement and to give our readers exactly what they want. In order to bring you products that you want from us, we have a poll for you and the community to choose the next piece of merchandise for sale.
This takes a lot of time to get into your hands, so please be patient with us. We'll make the wait worth it!


We are currently waiting for some reviews to roll on in. Sorry for the blank space. :)

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